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  1. Hi, I know I’m very late to the party. I just saw your blog about the Sunburst pattern making system. You’re the only person I’ve discovered that has it besides me! I found mine some time ago at a yard sale, but it was missing the measurement guide. I’ve used the Lutterloh system, and the Sunburst method seems VERY similar to Lutterloh. But to use the Sunburst system I need to devise an accurate measurement guide for it. I wonder if you can tell me anything about the Sunburst measurement guide that came with your system? I might be able to figure it out eventually by comparing a Sunburst template with a Lutterloh one, but life is short….

    The previous owner stuck a photocopy of the measurement scale in the book, but I don’t know if it is the same size as the original. If I can make it the right size maybe it will work attached to the end of a centimeter measuring tape, just like the Lutterloh one. Is the Sunburst guide on a centimeter scale? Would you be willing to send me a pic of yours next to a ruler (inches or cm) so I can print it to the right size? I really would appreciate any info you can offer! Thanks.

    Oh, and your kitty looks just as innocent and sweet as mine with those big beautiful “Who, me?” eyes! Appearances can be SO deceptive!!! Katie

    1. Hi just read your post of 2012, it is now almost Oct. 2015, sorry. I think I have what you want. I have the whole system. Please look at the post on Ebay under Sunburst or email me at and we can compare what I have to what you need. If your still interested, Thanks, dewetoys

  2. Hello there – since you inspire me so much I have nominated you for a { LIEBSTER BLOG AWARD }. You can check out the details here { } but please dont feel any pressure to pay it forward! It really is just me saying hi & letting you know how much I enjoy your blog & inspiration. Take care, Angelique

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