Month: February 2012

Red and White Stripes

A year ago I didn’t know the difference between knits and woven fabric.  And I didn’t know that knit fabric required a ball point needle, which is different from a standard point needle used for woven fabric.  I did, however, know that stretchy fabrics called for something other than a straight stitch to accommodate the need to stretch.  Yay me, at least I knew something.

Thanks to sewing bloggers, I learned about knits without even trying.  I figured someday I’d give knit fabric a try.  A few weeks ago I was in my local Beverley’s  fabric store when I spied a remnant piece of super soft knit in red and white stripes.  I scooped up the lonely yard of softness and vowed to make the most comfortable t-shirt known to man.

I drafted a simple pattern by tracing a shirt from my closet and adding 3 inches to the length.

With only side and shoulder seams to sew, I was trying my shirt on within minutes of having cut the fabric.  It looked like a shapeless tent on me, so I altered the side seams, taking each side in about an inch.  And then it was time to finish the neck, sleeves and hem.

I had scoped out methods for the neck line on BurdaStyle’s tutorial page.

Sew a Rib Knit Band

I used the same fabric for the band and cut a strip 2/3 the length of the neck line.  I don’t think I stretched it evenly, or maybe I over stretched it, I don’t know, but it’s a tad ripply.  But I got it on there and with a sense of pride I decided it looked good enough.


I finished the sleeves and bottom hem with a zig zag stitch, folding the fabric over once.  Nothing fancy, but it’s a casual t-shirt and it is soooo comfortable, I just wanted to put it on already.

And here’s the finished project, my first knit t-shirt:

I’m finishing Sunday off with my t-shirt and sweats on, watching some Naruto.  It just started raining, and of course the dog needed to go out.  She was in no hurry going about her business, while I soaked up some water.

How did you spend your Sunday afternoon?