Month: July 2012

Double the Fun Playsuits

It was my great privilege to visit my twin sister over the weekend.  I had been wanting to make a 40’s style playsuit, and because my sister loves vintage clothing, I thought she could use one too.  So I cut out all the pieces for two matching playsuits using this bikini top pattern and shorts pattern found on etsy.

And we played dueling sewing machines:


It was a little tiring because I was determined that we finish in time to take photos before I had to go home.  But finish we did.


And I’m afraid I spent too much time figuring out how to adjust my new tripod and work the remote, instead of looking at the lighting, etc.  So these dark goofy pictures are all I have to share with you.

We are concentrating on how to use the remote here, tapping our twin powered brains.





Qui got splashed


and these are the best close-ups I have for you.  Shorts are high waisted with a side zip (I redrew the crotch line using my Colette Iris pattern because the original shorts pattern was a lousy fit.)  The second version is much improved, but still a little pouffy in the front, although I think that may have more to do with the 40’s style.


The top has gingham trim and lining, with a two button closure in back.  The navy blue fabric is cotton twill.

I really like the top, but the cups are a little too big for me… so I would definitely use a smaller cup size and just lengthen the waist band for any future tops from this pattern.  The directions are fairly vague, so this would not be a good beginner pattern, but with a little construction know-how, it came together without much trouble.

Peek-a-boo Hazel

Here’s my Hazel dress:

My hair is a little wind blown after an outdoor lunch.  Fish tacos.  It was good :)

I’ve seen vintage and current RTW dresses with a small back opening between the skirt and bodice, so I attempted to recreate the look by altering the Hazel pattern.


I omitted the zipper and replaced it with a button back for the bodice.  The skirt had enough width to be pulled on without an opening, so I used elastic to gather it and hold it in place.  I bought the green belt before the pattern inspiration struck but was determined to use it because the outfit needs more color.  So I made some button holes along the back of the skirt to string the belt through.

I am happy with the fit of the dress and didn’t make any adjustments other than changing the back opening.  I did overlap the back pieces a little more than expected to achieve a snugger fit.  I shortened the straps a couple times (over 1 1/2″ total) in order to keep them up and in place.  Unfortunately the straps don’t cover my regular bra straps, so I went with a strapless bra, which is not my favorite.  I may go back and attempt to adjust the strap placement again–I think I would wear this dress more if it was more accommodating to strappy bras.

The fabric is a very light cotton with green clip dots.  It’s a little sheer, so I lined the bodice and underlined the skirt with an additional very light and sheer white cotton.    The result is adequate coverage and a very lightweight breezy dress.

All in all, this pattern was a delight to put together and I’m happy with the end result, despite the straps.  Although, I have to admit, it is a bit difficult to button up the back on my own.  With some patience, I did manage it one handed by touch, but it was definitely not quick and easy to throw on.  Maybe with practice I will be able to button it faster.

This was my first sew-along :) I’m excited to see everyone else’s Hazels!

Celebrating with Sangria


I made sangria, and that was probably the most productive thing I did all day. Hope you had a lovely Fourth of July! I spent mine with friends :)

Made a few preparations to begin the Hazel dress, so more on that to come. I’m altering the pattern slightly, so I hope it turns out. Could be a total bust. That might be embarrassing. But I’ll tell you all about it either way.