Hi, I’m Qui, the Garment Farmer.  Year two of blogging finds me in Texas with a new reason to sew: I need light sundresses to survive summer in Texas.

Growing up on the central coast of California, I’ve never really known heat.  I’ve worn jeans and cardigans year round for the last few years, with only a few days of summer calling for cooler clothes.

Texas is changing me.  I’m enjoying swimming, shorts and cool dresses, popsicles and super-stores.

Follow my blog to see what garments will grow in Texas.


  1. Goodmorning from autumnal Western Australia! Is it weird knowing someone you’ve never met is following your blog? I saw your stuff on Burdastyle and visited your blog and thought, ” I like this girl!”
    I like your musings, your painting and your increasing pride in your sewing projects (I’m in a similar position), plus you ride and that makes me VERY envious!
    Looking forward to reading more of your whimsical comments and seeing more of your work.
    ( On Burdastyle I am jennyrecorder).

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