Double the Fun Playsuits

It was my great privilege to visit my twin sister over the weekend.  I had been wanting to make a 40’s style playsuit, and because my sister loves vintage clothing, I thought she could use one too.  So I cut out all the pieces for two matching playsuits using this bikini top pattern and shorts pattern found on etsy.

And we played dueling sewing machines:


It was a little tiring because I was determined that we finish in time to take photos before I had to go home.  But finish we did.


And I’m afraid I spent too much time figuring out how to adjust my new tripod and work the remote, instead of looking at the lighting, etc.  So these dark goofy pictures are all I have to share with you.

We are concentrating on how to use the remote here, tapping our twin powered brains.





Qui got splashed


and these are the best close-ups I have for you.  Shorts are high waisted with a side zip (I redrew the crotch line using my Colette Iris pattern because the original shorts pattern was a lousy fit.)  The second version is much improved, but still a little pouffy in the front, although I think that may have more to do with the 40’s style.


The top has gingham trim and lining, with a two button closure in back.  The navy blue fabric is cotton twill.

I really like the top, but the cups are a little too big for me… so I would definitely use a smaller cup size and just lengthen the waist band for any future tops from this pattern.  The directions are fairly vague, so this would not be a good beginner pattern, but with a little construction know-how, it came together without much trouble.