Project Planning

Until now I have not given too much thought to my wardrobe and project planning.  I’ve jumped from one project to the next, making up whichever pattern and fabric were the most interesting in the moment.  This method has resulted in a number of wearable garments, including two dresses I love but have only worn once or twice each.

When I consider what I wear the most, the items I go back to day after day, I must admit I can’t give up my blue jeans and a top.  Try as I might to add skirts and dresses to the lineup, my jeans and shirts get the most wear.  So with that in mind, I have added a couple of blouses to my project list.

Negroni shirt for Mr. Garment Farmer  

The first item to be done however, will be a shirt for Mr. Garment Farmer.  He is 6’5″ and nearly impossible to find RTW clothes for.  My ultimate goal is to make him the best shirts he’s ever had.  This will be my first men’s shirt, so I’m not expecting perfection, and I’m also using a very inexpensive fabric.  Colette’s Negroni pattern was an easy pick for this project since the directions to her patterns are always awesome.


Slouchy Blouse  

Rumor has it the slouchy blouse pattern from Burda Style is quick and easy.  With no sleeves to set in or collar to attach, I’m hoping to add a blouse to my wardrobe in no time.

Shirt fabric

Reversible Gathered Skirt  

Although another skirt is not high on my priority list, a navy blue skirt was something I wanted last summer.  Unfortunately I could not find any navy blue fabric the weekend that I set out to make the skirt, so I ended up with something else entirely.  Well my last trip to my favorite local fabric store, Crossroad Fabrics in Watsonville, turned up the perfect blue fabric.  It is a bit sheer, so I was looking for a lining fabric and settled upon the aqua color pictured below.  I like both colors so well that I decided the skirt ought to be reversible.  I’m not quite sure how to work this out with the zipper situation, but I have at least a month or two to figure it out.

Skirt fabric

A Shirt Dress of Separates  

I’ve been wanting a shirt dress for some time, and this fabric just feels right for it.  I think I’d prefer a gathered rectangle skirt though.  In my quest for more blouses, I think I shall make this fabric into a collared shirt first, and then make a coordinating gathered skirt.  Worn together with a wide belt, I think the outfit will have the shirt dress look but the wardrobe flexibility of separates.

Shirt dress

The above shirt dress pattern is also from Burda Style and may serve as the pattern for the shirt.

V-neck dress  

I immediately fell in love with this pattern when Burda Style recently released it.  Although I presently have no need for such a dress, there will surely be an event in my future that calls for it.  As such, it is at the bottom of my sewing priority list.  I purchased the red feather fabric from Gorgeous Fabrics, but I’m wondering if the print is a poor choice to go with the pleated neckline of the dress.  I’m currently undecided… The colors are simple and the print isn’t too busy, but I fear it may detract from the pattern details.  A solid fabric may be the safe choice for this pattern.



I also have a blazer type coat on my to-do list, however, I’m anxiously awaiting Gertie’s next Craftsy class.  Why do I think it’s a coat class?!  Well Gertie has made some fine coats, and I would be most interested in her teaching a coat class.  So here’s to wishful thinking and planning out projects with the intention of dropping everything should Gertie indeed offer a coat class.  Gertie, if you’re out there, please, a coat class.