olive trees

Easter in Corning: Olive City

Friday was my mother’s birthday, and I had just a few hours to make her something on Saturday before driving to my grandpa’s ranch for Easter, where I would also get to see my parents.   I pulled out the Sorbetto pattern for the second weekend in a row and made her a tank top in a floral print.  My mom loves the sun and is always wearing tank tops when the weather permits.

I omitted the center pleat and added a faux button placket instead.  Despite careful measuring and marking, the placket is ever so slightly tilting to the left.  I don’t seem to have any talent for right angles and perpendicular lines.  Even levels get the best of me.  Perfection eludes me, and it’s a relief to no longer chase it.  So the crooked button placket stayed.

My mother was kind enough to wear her new top for the day so I could photograph it. Here she is with me and my niece:


My family all congregated in Northern California for Easter this year, and we had such a wonderful time!  I hadn’t been to my grandpa’s ranch in several years, and I didn’t realize how much I had missed it (and my grandpa and grandma).  The smells (dairies and farms) and sights were all quite nostalgic for me.   I spent a good part of the day snapping photos—every time I turned around there was something else I wanted to photograph.  Here are a few shots from the day: