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Water Soluble Pastels

Because it’s been one of those weeks–the kind where I have every minute of every day filled with plans, only to be constantly thwarted–I am throwing up a quick post to say, “hello bloggers :)” and look what I found:


I was in my local art supply store when I spied some clear french curve rulers. I’ve had these on my “need to get someday” list but had only seen metal ones for twice the price. I really like clear rulers so I can see what’s going on underneath. I’m controllig like that. And, I found water soluble pastels. I didn’t have any marking tools that would show up well on my red feather fabric, but these pastels come in a wonderfully wide range of colors. I picked up two colors to try out. I used the green/teal color, and it worked great for marking and washed away with nothing but water applied.


So now I’m recommending these to you! They aren’t as soft as regular ol’ chalk, but they don’t wipe off accidently either!

I managed to get all my pattern pieces cut out Sunday afternoon, but haven’t been able to sew anything up yet! I got some thread and shoulder pads last night, so no excuses now. I have tonight and tomorrow night to sew. I’m counting on this wrap around style to be an easy fit. If not, I have a gorgeous back up dress to wear, so I need not fret. There’s the update on my too busy life.

Also, my sister said these were yummy:


She wasn’t kidding. Yumm! Have you found or tried anything new lately? Do share!