Leg of Mutton Sleeve

My intention was to post about my future sewing plans tonight, cataloging my fabric and pattern choices.

However, after a long day of work and a delightfully tiring walk with my dog, I think I shall rest and catch up on Naruto instead.

I would like to share a page from my Sunburst Pattern System in the meantime:

The leg of mutton sleeve caught my attention, and I had to share.  Is that term still in use?  I hadn’t heard it before and found it curious.  My fashion/style vocabulary isn’t very broad, so I found the charts in the book interesting.  But the book was published in 1972, so I question its accuracy with regards to current styles.  Maybe it’s time to expand my reference book collection to include some current sewing books :)

Here’s my walking partner, Lucy:

She’s a lucky dog, she doesn’t suffer from exercise anxiety like I do.  She’s always ready to go and needs no encouragement.

But she also lacks any sense of properness and enjoys rolling around in the grass…