Loop Scarf

I’m a complete beginner at crochet.  After several youtube demos, I think I’ve mastered something that resembles the most basic pattern.  I’m not confident that I’m doing it correctly, but I did manage to make a scarf!  and it’s holding together just fine.

My first attempt involved the thickest yarn I’ve ever seen, in a beautiful green color dubbed “cilantro.”  I made it too short and tight though–it wore like a neck brace.  A very warm, lovely colored neck brace.

My second attempt was this thinner teal colored yarn.  I tried to keep it loose, and I made it longer and wider.  I’m much happier with this scarf–it actually drapes and hangs a little.  Plus it didn’t make my neck itch–score.

Time to put up the crochet hook and start cutting out the negroni pattern.

Sometimes I think I just need a week or two between sewing projects to rest and relax before tackling the next adventure.  Although I love to sew, I get caught up in the work and stay up too late.  It’s not exactly a relaxing hobby for me.  Crochet has been my “relax and watch tv” activity.  Sewing is more like reading Harry Potter–it draws me in and keeps me up past my bedtime.  Which hobbies help you to relax?