cat furniture

A Cat and His House

With weather in the upper 60’s this weekend, I was out of the house and far from making any progress on a sewing project.  Sometimes you gotta seize the day and play soccer, visit with horses, and go shopping.  It’s a rough life…

The weather forecast says rain Thursday through Saturday, so I’m confident there will be much sewing progress made in the near future.  If I’m gonna finish my man’s shirt by February though, I’ve got two weekends to focus and get it done.  Plenty of time, but honestly I’m finding it hard to be motivated to sew for someone other than myself.  Well, guess I’d better hurry up and sew his shirt so I can get back to more self-centered sewing.

Today’s hi-light was a shopping trip to Petsmart.  Mr. Jay has shredded the window ledge in our dining area by clawing his way up to perch.  We decided the best way to eliminate this behavior would be to add some cat furniture beneath the window, allowing Mr. Jay to gingerly step onto the ledge sans claws.

He seemed quite thrilled with his new house and has ignored the window thus far.


A little catnip might have contributed to his distraction and delight.


The leather tassel provided several minutes of fun too.  Unfortunately Lucy is completely jealous of Jay’s fun, so it’s only a matter of time before she destroys those little leather strips in a fit of jealousy.  Just like she destroyed the cat’s mouse and the feathery toy thingy…  Jay has taken to playing with less attractive toys, like twisty wire ties, the strip from Netflix mailing envelopes, and my sewing pins when he can find one!  Of course I try to keep those tucked safely out of sight.


Lucy is way too big for this cat house, so I think it’s safe to say Jay won’t have to share his new room at least.