Quilt Inspired by a Saddle Blanket

A couple of years ago, Erin (Miss Crayola Creepy) pinned a fabric on Pinterest that stole my heart.

It was “Charras” by Alexander Henry, and I finally decided to buy a few yards for a quilt.  With an ever changing plan, I went to my local fabric store to get some coordinating fabrics, and I left the store with a completely different color scheme than when I’d gone in.  Here is the result:

The pattern is inspired by Navajo blanket designs, specifically from a saddle blanket I have lying around the house. I used this tutorial to make flying geese blocks, and then I just played around with the pieces to make the bottom two designs.  The diamond shaped blocks are made using bias cut strips.



I quilted the blanket in straight (sort of) lines.


The quilting part was definitely awkward with so much blanket to feed through the machine, but it got easier as I went.  I didn’t have a walking foot, and there are lots of wrinkling spots where the fabric is pulled a little.  After washing the quilt though, the whole thing seemed to fluff up a bit, and I love the way it looks.  The wrinkles seemed more fluffy and less obvious.  It may not be perfect, but I love it anyway.  Mostly I just love the fabrics and enjoy looking at them.

The back is pieced together with a leftover strip of flying geese blocks.  I had at one point planned to use four strips of that particular block pattern, so I had made a lot of extra flying geese.  It worked out… I like the back almost as much as the front.

I liked attaching the binding and making mitered corners.

Sewing the blocks and strips can be a bit tedious, so I’m glad I went with a simple pattern that came together quickly (before I lost interest!)  I’m already planning another simple quilt.  The planning and math that go into a quilt design is quite fun and very different from garment sewing.  It’s a good change of pace.

Right now I’m finishing up a few Christmas gifts, and hopefully I’ll be sewing an Archer this month too!  And just as soon as possible, I’m planning to make a winter coat.  It’s gotten quite cold here in Texas this week (below 30), and I wish my coat was already done!!

What are you working on this month?


    1. Thanks Court! for some reason the flying geese pattern really appealed to me and seemed easy enough to manipulate into different designs. It was an experiment, so I’m glad it turned out well.

    1. Thank you Sonja–I had gotten the saddle blanket for my dog to lay on, but she doesn’t care for it… she prefers my bed. At least it was good inspiration, since it’s not getting much use otherwise ;)

    1. Thank you Tanya! The flying geese pattern was made with squares actually, so it wasn’t too hard either. The pattern manipulation that goes into quilting is quite amazing. I can see why people get addicted to quilting.

  1. This post makes me miss you so bad! I wish we could quilt and gossip and watch old movies together…

    Your quilt is a true stunner! I can’t believe this is the first one you have made! I showed it to Luke and he is in love with it almost as much as Jay in that first photo ;)

    1. I miss you too!! repetitive quilt pieces would be the perfect project to do while chatting. And I wish I could take up knitting with you too–Meg and Liz’s sweaters made me long for a knitting friend (I need a teacher!)

  2. Wow!!! This is wonderful!! You did a great job. I love how grafick and the design look together. And the detail of the red rose material brings balance. This is totally you!!

  3. Such an awesome quilt!! I have never tried quilting before but seeing all the sweet quilts online is making me think about it!

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