1940’s Jacket: Fall for Cotton Sewalong

I haven’t felt like blogging lately… And I keep putting off this post, even though I’m super excited to share my jacket with you all.  But the Fall for Cotton Sewalong is coming to an end, so here goes!

The Fall for Cotton sewalong combines the use of vintage patterns or styles with cotton fabric.  I chose Du Barry #5233 from 1941; I think the jacket style is classic and easy to pull off when mixed with a modern wardrobe.  I don’t own any vintage clothing, so it’s important to me that any vintage patterns I use coordinate with what’s already in my closet.

I found cotton flannel at moodfabrics.com, and for the lining I used some quilting cotton from my stash.

I will share some detail photos and references that I used tomorrow.  For today, here’s the jacket from the outside:

It is still too hot in Texas for wearing a jacket, even a light one.  Fortunately, last week I went to CA to visit my family and run a 5k with my mom and sisters.  I took my jacket and camera along, and the stars aligned for my photo shoot.  My twin sister is a hairstylist and makeup artist, so I asked her ahead of time if she would do my hair and makeup for a 40’s styled photo shoot of my jacket.  It just so happened that she also needed to bathe the horse she rides the same morning, so I jumped at the chance to take my photos with a horse.  I figured the jacket could easily be styled as a “riding jacket.”


The mare’s name is “Prada,” and she was quite the model.


She was drying off from her bathe at this point, so you can see some wet spots on her.





I went in for a close shot, and Prada wiped her nose on the jacket.  Typical horse behavior… And that’s why in real life, people don’t wear nice jackets to ride in (except for in the show ring).  The nice thing about a cotton jacket is that I easily washed it at home in the washing machine!  Of course it needed a serious pressing afterward, but it survived.

And here’s an outtake for laughs:


I think I was trying to tell the photographer what to do ;)  Many thanks to my sister Jessi for all her help with the photos, as well as my mom and dad who helped out.  My dad is a professional at waving his hat in the air to get a horse’s attention.


  1. Your jacket is awesome! You lined up all those lines on the flannel… totally amazing! The jacket, hair, make-up, pictures, and horse all came out great! :)

  2. Finally got to see the finished photos! You look like you’re straight out of Hollywood! Prada was so co-operative, but the slobber shot was great too! As always, your talent amazes me! Jessi’s too! love ya, Mom

  3. Sorry, I said in your last post that I was excited to see more pictures of the jacket because I had read that post before this one. My apologies, I’m thoroughly enjoying all these pictures, your hair and makeup, the mare of your sister and I can almost visualize your father waving his hat! Love all! Yay, Lady .. you’re a 40s girl!

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