Rayon Mess

I love the soft drape of rayon challis, and I’ve got several in my stash. However, I’ve had a few frustrations with the stuff. It’s very lightweight and I’m afraid prone to wearing out easily. Please chime in with comments if you agree or disagree–I’m really curious how other people feel about rayon. My slouchy blouse has developed a couple small holes near the buttons.  And when cutting out this teal rayon for a Laurel dress, I noticed a little hole as well.

Bug repellant

I patched it on the backside using stitch witchery to fuse the patch in place.  I didn’t want to draw attention to the hole by actually stitching over it at all.
Bug repellant

This small effort seemed like it would be enough to keep the hole in check.  But how disappointing to already have a hole in the fabric before the garment is even sewn up?

I preceded with the garment, but I faced a couple other challenges that doomed this dress to be a wadder.

First, I decided to make a v-neck line in front and back.  Bad idea.  The dress is practically hanging off my shoulders.  I wonder if I had only cut the front in a v and left the back neckline curved, maybe it would stay up?  Or if I was using a stable cotton fabric, perhaps it would have enough body to sit-up properly.  Whether it was just the cut or the cut and drapey fabric combo that ruined this dress, I’m not sure.

The other disappointment was the bias binding I applied to the arm holes. I cut it out of white rayon challis, and it just looks a little sloppy to me.
Bug repellant

I could chalk it up to sloppy work or inexperience, but it is my opinion that rayon is a little shifty and not my favorite bias binding material to work with.  It would have helped if I’d cut the strips a little wider.  But I’m done spending time on this dress for now.  Perhaps I can use the material for a tank top in the future…  And maybe I would use cotton bias binding to make my life a little easier.

I’m taking a short sewing break to get over my failed dress, so today I made a salt scrub and some bug repellant at home.

The salt scrub is incredibly simple and only takes a moment to throw together.  Just add grape seed oil, sea salt and essential oils (I used lavender and grapefruit).
Bug repellant

I love this stuff.  It makes my skin soft and eliminates the need for lotion.

I’ve been attacked by mosquitoes lately, so I looked for a natural bug repellant recipe on Pinterest.

This was really easy to mix up as well, but I will say it was a bit expensive because the essential oils are a bit pricey, and the recipe I used called for 5 oils.  At least I have all the ingredients now and can make more at no additional cost.  The largest portion is citronella.  Not my favorite scent, but it’s much better than commercial bug sprays.
Bug repellant

Do you turn to other hobbies to recover from failed sewing projects?

I’ll get back on the horse tomorrow…


  1. Gosh! I’m so sorry to hear about your frustrating sewing experience!! You know, I do think that rayon is a little weak as a fiber – particularly when wet. The blue dress I just made developed two holes at the button band where the fabric was stressed – granted it is a fitted skirt – but I still expected a BIT more resiliency!! I might try your stitch witchery method of patching up the holes, I’ve been wondering what to do about it – so thanks! Also, I LOVE making my own bath/beauty products. I’m really curious to hear how your mosquito repellent works. I’ve been getting royally attacked down here and I’m so sick of slathering on chemicals. Yech.

    1. so it’s not just me… bummer. Sorry to hear about your blue dress. My love affair with rayon has cooled (although not dead!) I will report back on the bug repellant–they must be stopped. :)

  2. I’m with Shanni– are tantrums a hobby? What about sulking and watching trashy TV? Oddly enough, I don’t think I’ve ever sewn with pure rayon (or even a blend that was largely rayon). But it’s good to know that it’s a bit temperamental.

    1. Trashy TV always makes me feel better about myself, LOL. Rayon is lovely, but I wonder if it can be blended with cotton… It needs a little somethin somethin.


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