Sundress: Study in Stripes


I love the scoop neck and pockets of Pattern Runway’s “Gathered Sundress” pattern, so I made it up for the third time.

Red and white striped seersucker seemed like the perfect lightweight sundress fabric, so I cut it out, playing with the stripe placement.

Unfortunately, I seem to have forgotten that my previous version had some serious fitting issues, and I charged ahead, over-confident.  The major problem is that the pattern is 2″ too small around the waist for my body, so I had to get creative to salvage this dress.


I added 1″ strips to either side of the zipper to add 2″ to the waist, while maintaining the original size of the neckline.

Besides some drag lines, I’m happy with the result and even like the added back details.  The side seams are pulling to the front, so I definitely want to adjust the pattern and give this another try.  But even with all my mistakes, this dress is super comfortable and will see a lot of wear this summer.


  1. Lovely dress and the weather looks gorgeous, just perfect for it :) Also love your (Australian) Red Heeler/Cattle Dog!

  2. Really cute! I love this on you! I actually have a yellow striped cotton set aside for this same pattern (embarrassingly enough, I’ve had it for about a year and a half, maybe two years, but haven’t made this yet… whoops!). Thanks for reminding me! I love the way the strips at the back look– great save!

  3. I’ve been meaning to make this pattern for ages!! It just looks like the perfect summer sun dress! I LOVE your version. All the stripe detail (even your clever little fix in the back – SO clever!) is just eye-candy. Well done you!

  4. I looove the added detail around the zipper, matching those stripes must have been a nightmare but it certainly paid off! The silhouette looks great on you,this is my kind of dress for sure :)

    1. Hey! Thanks :) The stripes don’t actually match up perfectly because even though I cut them at a 45 degree angle, when I attached them to the back I had to work at a sharper angle to keep the neckline the same length. Thankfully the stripes are so thin that it isn’t very noticeable, and for the most part they match up pretty well :D

  5. The stripe direction is my favorite part of the dress!!! Are you planning another version? I hope so!

  6. It is so cute, and I actually really like the extra fabric you added down the back. It looks like it was meant to be there and is a great little detail! I also love the pockets!

  7. Darling Qui! Very flattering and I like the added detail! You’d never know it was a mistake! Lu obviously likes it too, or maybe she just likes you! Your hair looks great too! Miss you! hugs

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