Silk Twill Laurel

I pinned the hemline of my Laurel dress, preparing to sew a blind hem, and then peaked out the window.  The sun was dipping below the apartments to the West, so I put on lipstick and ran outside with my camera.

So here she is, Laurel, with a pinned hem.

I used this silk twill from Harts Fabric, with silk chiffon sleeves.

I think I’m in love with silk.  At least this silk.  It wasn’t as scary to work with as I had feared, and it has just the right amount of drape and body.  I love how it feels on.

I’m not in love with the sleeves, but I kinda ran out of time to experiment with different styles, seeing as I wanted to enter the Collette Laurel contest which closes at midnight.  They are gathered at the bottom with elastic, and pleated at the shoulder.

Although this is a simple pattern to sew up, my schedule has been very full, and it’s taken over a week to get the dress together.

I’m preparing for a trip to Europe in a couple weeks, and I’m using every spare moment to sew, which leaves me no time for blogging.  To make life even more busy and exciting, we are moving to Texas days after we return from our trip.

So… I’m a little stressed right now, and I don’t think I’ll be blogging much between now and June/July.

But when I return, I hope to have some photos and me-made outfits to share from my Mediterranean Greek Isles cruise–maybe even a swimsuit or two.

I’ll be reading blogs when I can, so we’ll talk soon!



    1. Oh how fun! Safe travels, and I’ll keep an eye out for you ;) hehe. Hope the sewing goes well–I’ll be happy to finish half of what I set out to sew. Two weeks to go!

  1. Gorgeous Laurel! I love the silk twill, it dresses the whole look up! Where in TX are you moving?! Maybe we’ll be neighbors :) Have a great and relaxing vacation – sounds dreamy!

    1. Thanks Sally. My man got a job in Temple, so we’ll probably live between Temple and Austin somewhere… You’re in Galveston, right? Distant neighbors :) Holler if you come up to Austin or know of any good sewing shops!! I’ll be scoping out the land this summer.

  2. Qui!!! This is beautiful! I love the colors in the fabric and I REALLY love the sleeves! Will you get to wear this on your trip at all?

    I can’t believe how fast you got this done!! Did you do it on Sunday when you got back?

    1. I’m planning to take it on the trip!! It counts as a “cocktail dress” for dinner, right?! I cut it out last week and sewed up the body and one sleeve Friday night. I worked a little more Sunday and Monday night to finish.

  3. Love the dress! I think the sleeves are a cute alteration. It spices it up.

    Stay sane during your move. The blogging community will always be here when you get back ;)

  4. I would have never known the hem was pinned if you didn’t say so ;)
    I’ve never heard of silk twill, but it does sound amazing. Such a cool print! The dress looks awesome!

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