Leopard Leggings

I guess Jungle January really got to me, because, I purchased two more animal print fabrics in January.  I’ve sewn them both up now, so here is the first project: Leopard Leggings.

This all started when I signed up for a 5k run.  My sister and a couple girls from my weight training class had signed up, and I didn’t want to be left out.  I’m really not a runner, but I figured this would be a good motivator to get more exercise.  And so far I’ve put in a few miles…

The race is called She Is Beautiful, The Pinkest 5k and 10k. And for whatever reason, I thought I could use some special pants to wear on race day (March 17th).  It helped that I ran into this lovely knit fabric at Harts, and it called out to me.  I couldn’t forget it, so I went back with a coupon and a plan: leggings for my run.

Leggings are truly a quick project–just sew the crotch seams, inseam, hem and encase the elastic waist band.  I made a pattern by cutting up an old pair of work out pants that couldn’t hold their shape.  They made for a good starting point.  This fabric is quite stretchy and a little thin–not exactly supportive workout material, but they survived their first run and will definitely be going out again.

We went for a practice run on West Cliff Dr, where the 5k will be held.

This is me with my sister and fitness coach, Danielle.  She is a wonderful coach and an encouragement to me.  I can’t keep up with her, but I ran about half the course and walked the rest.  My mom was visiting and ran/walked with me too, so I had great company the whole time.  The race begins at the Lighthouse and follows the coastline, so it’s a beautiful view at any pace.


I have just enough of this fabric left, so I’m hoping to make a swimsuit with it too.  Let the jungle escapades continue!

Anyone else take a jog lately?


  1. Yes, as a matter of fact, I ran twice in Ft. Worth, TX. this past week. I ran with my friend Kathy in a pretty park called Trinity Park. It was beautiful, and a nice break from all the meetings. And I love your leggings Qui!

  2. Beautiful ladies! I love your leopard leggings – and your fitness regime (have I gone on any jogs lately…. ermmm…. no) But I gotta tell you I’m really drooling over the idea of this as a swimsuit!!

  3. Those are my dream workout leggings!!! So cute and stylish! I have never thought about making workout clothes, but you are making me think… I went to the Nike store on 3rd Street in Santa Monica the other week. There were some cute things I wanted to buy, but didn’t because they weren’t made in the US. I didn’t even think that I could make them. Duhhh!!

  4. Love the leggings! I used Cal Patch’s tutorial and have the pattern all lined up for some leggings myself but haven’t found good fabric yet. I will check Harts. Thank you for the suggestion.

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