Welt Pockets and Scrubs

I volunteered to make some scrub tops for my dear friend Maxx who works in the medical field. I think it took me over a year to finish all three… What can I say? Sometimes it’s hard to stop sewing for one’s self long enough to make other people a garment, plus I was still building up my arsenal of sewing skills. It’s okay if I mess up on my own garments, but I couldn’t send Maxx to work in anything too shoddy.

I made a true muslin for once, checking fit and practicing flat felled seams and learning how to make a double welt pocket.

Here’s the first top:

I was pleased with the pockets. The welts weren’t perfect, but they mostly met in the middle.

I made the second and third tops together, going back and forth between two machines with different thread colors, finishing a few steps at a time. This mostly helped with the welt pockets because I didn’t have to read the tutorial I followed more than once.

This is the second set of welt pockets, and the welts are a little further apart, but not bad.

This is the final top, and sadly the welts aren’t even remotely close together… How did I get worse with each pocket? Well… I’m afraid I *might* have cut corners while attaching the welts and pocket pieces, combining two steps into one. The steps seemed a little redundant at the time, but now I regret not taking the extra few minutes to first attach the welt and then the pocket.

The fabric print is so busy, I think the pockets are well camouflaged. And knowing Maxx’s attitude toward my sewing, I decided to live with the mismatched welts and get the tops done already (Maxx is much less critical or picky about the details than me, besides, she can’t wear a top that isn’t complete.)

The pockets were the only difficult part of the garments–the sleeves were set in flat, and the sides and shoulder seams were flat felled. After welt pockets, flat felled seams were like child’s play.


  1. What a sweet gift for your friend! I usually find that other non-sew-ers are far less critical of my handmade makes than I am. I’m sure Maxx will love her scrubs, even if the welts don’t meet up perfectly! She’ll just be happy there are pockets!

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