Quick Slouchy Blouse

I was in need of a quick project before the Sew LA party for Gertie–I wanted to wear something me-made, but I didn’t have anything in the closet that seemed right (You know what I mean?  The closet full of clothes and nothing to wear syndrome.)  Of course, I don’t have that many me-made items yet.

I’ve had my eye on the BurdaStyle Slouchy Blouse for some time, and it seemed like the perfect quick project: no sleeves to set in, no collar, and easy fitting with it’s loose slouchy silhouette.  With only 3 pattern pieces, it was even quick to cutout.  The front facings are part of the blouse front which made the pattern piece very wide.  It didn’t quite fit on my fabric, so I actually cut off the end of the sleeves and made them a separate pattern piece.


The whole thing went together very quickly and without incident.  I kinda winged it with the sleeves, and I didn’t really pay much mind to the directions for the sleeve tabs.  As a result, I’m not sure they look quite right… I think they need to pull the sleeve up a little more.  It doesn’t bother me enough to fix them though.  Next time.


The pattern called for 12 buttons, but I only used 10.  I never went back to the pattern to see where I missed the last two buttons, but it wears comfortably, so no big deal.  I’m guessing they go at the bottom of the blouse front.  Oh well, nothing’s flying open.


I’m not quite sure how I feel about the fit.  It sure is comfortable, but it’s also pretty blocky.  I wonder if I could go down a size for a slightly slimmer look.  Maybe a little slimmer and with the sleeves pulled up a bit more it would have better proportions?  What do you think?  I used a rayon fabric that drapes really nicely, and it’s super soft.  I’ve already worn this blouse a few times to work, so it’s definitely a practical piece for my wardrobe.


We had gorgeous warm weather over the weekend (in the 70’s) so I took advantage!  My sister walked down to the beach with me and shot some photos.  Thank you Fanny.  It felt good to feel some sunshine and get outdoor shots.


  1. Super cute, love the sleeves! I would wear it just like that. I’m wondering though, if you could add a dart to the bust to make it a little more curvy, and form fitting? I think that blouse would be cute with a skinny belt too!

  2. I know I said that I didn’t want to make any more Burda patterns, but that was a lie because I really like your top and totally want to copy you and make one :)

  3. I love loose blouses, so I’m not one to really come up with ideas to make it LESS slouchy! But maybe a shorter sleeve might make the proportions feel less boxy? I also really love the idea of making it more of a tunic and adding a belt – but then it would be a whole different kind of thing! I say it’s adorable as is and you look comfy and chic!

  4. I agree with Sallie– a version of this with a shorter sleeve would be really cute, too! But this looks really nice on you and you definitely chose a great fabric! Well done, you!

  5. I love your slouchy blouse & had noticed in your FB pics from the weekend how cute it was! I think your comment about a smaller size might be a good thing to try on the next one, but it sure looks comfy!

  6. I like this! The colour is just perfect for you and I love the little pops of colour the red gives it. I can see why you’d want to try a size smaller (I would too as I don’t like to wear slouchy clothes), but I don’t think this one looks too big, I think you look great in it. If you hadn’t mentioned it, it wouldn’t have crossed my mind :)

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