Purrfect Renfrew

I had my eye on this animal print sweater knit for several months, but who wants to buy sweater knit in the summer, right? Fast forward to winter, and after many rave reviews of the Renfrew pattern, I finally picked up the shirt pattern and sweater knit.

At this point, nobody needs to hear me say how great the Renfrew pattern is.  I’m pretty sure I’m the last one to get it.  But, in case you were wondering if there is a single person who does not like Renfrew, let me just say, it’s not me.  I LOVE it.  And as I type this, I have two more Renfrew tops already cut out and ready to be sewn up.

With Jungle January upon us, it is high time I write this post.  So here she is, my animal print contribution:

I thought for sure this was a sort of leopard print, but after sewing up the top and putting it on, I began to think the black spots were more like the hide of a Holstein cow.  I’m not saying I felt fat, but for some reason, I really didn’t like the print anymore.  Luckily, this top is so darn comfy to wear, I kept it on and the print grew on me over time.  Now I see coffee beans.

I guess I should call this the ink blot top…

To ensure this post had enough animal print, Lucy and Jay joined me for photos.  Check out the other Jungle January makes at Pretty Grievances.


  1. I love the animal print!! And all the animals gracing your lovely photos ;) I’ve had the renfrew pattern in my stash for a few months now and I reeeaaalllly need to make one already! Yours looks awesome!

  2. Qui
    Fabulous. It looks nothing like cow spots, I do see coffee beans :-) and a few black lipstick kisses!! :-)

  3. Love it! and your definitely not the last one on the renfrew bus, I just got my pattern in the mail the other day and hope to have my first one completed this weekend.

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