Little Purple Dress

With holiday parties and a wedding anniversary to celebrate, I needed a cocktail dress in a hurry.  My local fabric store proprietor helped me select a smoke purple taffeta fabric (polyester 3.99/yard), and I found BurdaStyle’s V-neck LBD pattern to be the perfect design.  The front pleats and pockets are just what I was looking for in a fitted dress (something gentle around the waistline).


This pattern is petite sizing, so I cut out the largest size and then graded the waist and skirt, adding in 2 inches in width.   I was really happy with the design and fit of this dress.  The arm holes were pretty snug, so I did let out the shoulder seam and lower the bottom of the arm hole a little.  Other than that, I only adjusted the side seams to get the right amount of snugness.  Pretty easy fitting.  Oh, and I did shorten the bodice by half an inch (this is becoming a habit for me).  



This was the first time I’d sewn a skirt vent and Burda’s pattern directions are terribly vague (no surprise there), so  I referenced Sunni’s tutorial here.  Sunni’s instructions are great; the vent couldn’t have been easier!  




The dark fabric and lack of sunlight made the details hard to capture, so here she is on my new dress form, up close and personal.  The dress form is a bit smaller than me and I haven’t padded it out yet, so the dress is a tad droopy here.  Did I mention I got a dress form for Christmas?? :D  



The neck and arm edges are finished with facings, so I used bias tape to finish all the inside seams.  This was the first time I’ve used this finishing method, and I rather like the way it looks.  But I’d much prefer to line a dress than use facings.  The polyester fabric seemed to fray a fair amount though, so the well finished edges gave me confidence that the dress wouldn’t come apart while I was wearing it.  

I really like this pattern.  I’d like to try sewing it up in a softer more casual fabric that I could wear more often.  

Husband and I celebrated our 3rd anniversary on Wednesday, so we went out to dinner.  Husband wore the shirt I recently made for him.  Details coming soon–I just need to button down the collar which was flipping out.  Here’s the preview:



Woo!  Feels good to finally write a post!



  1. You are most amazing daughter! Where’d you get all this talent! I LOVE the dress. What a cute style on you! and Congrats on your anniversary!
    love you

  2. This dress turned out beautifully, well done! Elegant. Love the colour too. I must say I am also amazed at the shirt you have made for your husband which looks really well put together too. I would like to make a shirt for mine at some point, but its something I am working towards. Eventually. Because I don’t know right now it would say “stylish” rather than “scarecrow” fashion! Enjoy the holidays!

  3. The inside of your dress is as pretty as the outside!! I let out an “ooooo” when I saw how neat your seams were :) LOVE this dress on you – it’s positively stunning really (and yay pockets!!), and paired with those fab shoes, it’s a killer ensemble. Really well done!!

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