Robe for a Crazy Horse Lady

My mother is one crazy lady.

And I mean that in the very best way.  I admire her.

She is a vaulting coach.  Vaulting is her passion.  And although the vaulting didn’t stick, she managed to pass on her love of horses to me.

This is me and my two sisters vaulting (I think I’m the one in the middle… it was 12 years ago, and I have an identical twin sister.  Sometimes I have a hard time telling us apart in photos.  Especially photos where we are in the same exact outfit.)

Mom was our coach.  None of my siblings or I vault anymore, but my mom is still a very busy coach and horse trainer.

She picked up another hobby in the last few years as well–Roman riding.

I tried it one time–it’s hard!  My mom is so strong!  She is twice my age, but she is way stronger than me!  (And much braver too for that matter)

Anyway, enough about how awesome my mother is.  On to the sewing project.

She recently had surgery and needed a robe to wear while she was recovering.  Enter her over-achieving aims to please daughter who loves to sew.  And the BurdaStyle Kimono robe pattern.

This pattern is wonderful and easy.  I even forgot to add the seam allowance (ahh!) and it still fit well thanks to all the ease of a robe.

The outer fabric was very lightweight and a little sheer, so I underlined it with an equally lightweight white fabric.  The pattern included inseam pockets, but I wanted to add a special patch pocket for my mom instead.


I found this circus girl image on etsy and used transfer paper to print and transfer the image by ironing onto my fabric.  It worked quite well.  I interfaced the pocket as well as the main fabric where the pocket would be attached to make sure it was sturdy.  Well, it’s good and sturdy and a bit too stiff really.  I may have over-done the interfacing just a little.

If you have need of a robe, I highly recommend this pattern.  It was a quick and satisfying project.  But don’t forget to add your seam allowance ;)


  1. Qui, the robe is beautiful and you are so sweet to sew this for her! You have inspired me to sew one of my own!

  2. And Mom LOVED the robe. Its really classy and comfortable, with the added horse and rider on the pocket for my craziness!
    thanks and love you Qui!

  3. it was really great reading about your past. I’ve said it before but I think it’s really neat that you have a twin sister.

    As for your robe, I think you did a great job, despite the seam allowance and interfacing issues.

  4. Wow! YOU are a crazy sewing lady as yoour Mama is a crazy horse lady. I love your work…maybe I can see it in person sometime ;)

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