A Lovely Saturday in September

Although it was weeks ago, I don’t feel I can move on without mentioning the awesome meet-up that I attended in September.

I LOVED hanging out with Miss Crayola Creepy for the day.  We had a fabulous time visiting Hart’s Fabric in Santa Cruz before driving to Oakland for our meet-up and the Colette launch party.

I knew I’d be stepping out of my comfort zone, meeting new people and all.  But it’s okay.  Fellow seamstresses are friendly nice people.  They all took good care of me, and I had fun.  I’d even do it all again!!  In fact, I really hope that I get the chance to see all those lovely ladies again, and one day I want to meet some East Coast gals too!

I picked up the Jasmine pants pattern and truly hope that I’ll have time to use it sooner than later.  (Honestly, life has been a bit too busy lately… no sewing time, argh!)  It was really fun to see so many people wearing clothing from Colette patterns; I spotted a few dresses and several sorbetto tops.

I hauled my full-size camera with me and hardly took any pictures with it… oopsies.  This one is from my iphone… ahhh, iphone.  Well, I’ll keep practicing with the big camera.

Erin was a sweetheart and brought me a gift–fabric of course :)

I am stoked to add this beautiful border print with stripes to my stash!  I’ve never seen anything like it.  I’m imagining it as a skirt… maybe a pencil skirt or a gathered dirndl.  What do you think?  Any suggestions?  All I know is I’ll be making a muslin first cause I want a well-fitted finished garment out of this beauty.  Thank you Erin!


  1. It would look divine as a pencil skirt.

    I love meetups. You’re right: sewist are the nicest people! There’s not one I wouldnt invite to dinner :)

  2. I had a blast with you Qui, you are the best host! And before our big East Coast trip we should go to Downtown LA!! xo

  3. I would love hanging out with both of you guys– you both seem so fun! I LOVE the idea of a pencil skirt with that fabric, although a dirndl would be cute, too! Can’t wait to see what you decide on!

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