The Pinstriped Shorts

Saturday afternoon, I had nothing but time on my hands, which meant I sewed till about 10pm, only stopping for a long dinner break. It was glorious.

I made up Colette’s Iris shorts pattern in a gray pinstripe suiting fabric. The whole project went quite smoothly from start to finish, requiring zero adjustments to the pattern. The only hiccups were the invisible zipper which required a little adjusting where it passed through the waistband seam, and one silly mistake on the facings which required a wee bit of seam ripping.



Since I don’t have a serger, I chose to finish edges with a zig zag stitch. When attaching the pockets, the directions lead you to finish each piece before sewing the seams, but I found it to work better to sew the pockets together, and then zig zag through two layers, trimming the excess seam allowance down to the stitching.


I took Lizz’s advice and turned the crotch seam to one side and topstitched instead of clipping the seam allowance.


You can’t really see in this pic, but the inside leg seam is a flat felled seam which lays nice and flat and is now extra strong.


I re-enforced the pocket seams at the top and bottom openings with a small row of zig zag stitches, to strengthen the opening and encourage the pocket to lay flat without budging.


Does anyone else use the notes section in the pattern instructions?  I love the Colette pattern booklets with the folder in back to hold the pattern pieces–it keeps everything nice and neat.

This pattern was wonderfully easy to sew up, and I love the fit of my shorts.  They are so comfortable!!  I don’t usually wear shorts because they bunch up in the crotch when I walk…  These ones did too :(  …but they are nice and long which seemed to minimize the problem.  I plan to wear these a lot!  The bunching wasn’t enough to keep me from putting these cuties on again!  After a few more outings, I hope to find that my shorts wearing confidence is high enough to require more shorts in my wardrobe :)


  1. These look so great on you! I’m glad that my advice worked on the crotch seam. I’m going to follow your lead and reinforce the pockets. Not only have I been worried about their durability but the pocket lining likes to peak out.

    1. Thank you Lizz, your shorts were inspirational to me and your thorough review of the construction is invaluable!! I don’t like peaking pockets either–the stitching does seem to help :)

  2. Hey Qui, I love your blog and the pictures! The shorts are darling on you! Glad you had some time to sew! love ya

  3. Curse you and your perfectly-fitting shorts!!

    I mean… awesome job! I’m a little sad because I fought with this pattern AGAIN this weekend and feel like they looked WORSE after my attempts to fix the fit! Maybe they’re just not meant to be! But yours are absolutely adorable– I hope you’re planning to make about 10 pairs because these are so sweet!

    1. Thank you Ginger–I promise to make more!
      I’m so sorry to hear the pattern hasn’t worked out for you :( That’s very frustrating I’m sure. I was really surprised that it fit me so well–shorts and pants in general are so tough to find the right fit. I guess I really lucked out!

  4. Cute! I just finished making these this evening in a gray linen. Mine went pretty smoothly but I had to make a few adjustments on the size and struggled a bit with the facing around the zipper. Great pattern, I never paid attention to the note page on Colette patterns but I will now! How handy. Great job on these, your turned out perfect!

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