Sunday Shopping

I signed up for Sew Colette, Part 2, starting this month with Hazel, and picked up some fabric but didn’t have the pattern yet.  So Sunday I treated myself to a little shopping spree at Hart’s Fabric cause I knew they carry Colette patterns.

Sunday happened to be a warm day here in Santa Cruz, and I thought to myself, “Gosh, it sure would be nice if I owned some shorts that fit.”  And that’s how I ended up purchasing the Iris pattern, suiting fabric and buttons.

Granted, suiting fabric is far from a summer favorite, but I just really liked this Calvin Klein pin-striped gray suiting.  It’s fairly light for being a suiting fabric, and it just doesn’t get that hot here on the coast.  So that’s right, I’m making summer shorts with a wool blend fabric.  (And if they are a success, I’m sure I’ll be running back to the store for some cotton!)

I spent way too much time picking out the buttons, and when I finally found some that suited my needs, I was disappointed they were $2 each!  Is that not a lot for a single button?!  Well I really liked them and couldn’t settle for second best, so I splurged on the 4 buttons for this pattern ;)  I’m not totally convinced I even want to use the button version of the pattern… so we’ll see how that goes.


I’ve been wanting to make more blouses and thought I’d try my hand at the Violet pattern since I’m on a Colette roll at the moment.  I already had the rayon challis fabric, and it seemed like it would be great blouse material.  I originally was thinking of using it for a dress, but I know I’ll get more use out of separates.  (These buttons were a much more satisfying $.45/ea ;)

I didn’t get any sewing done this last weekend, but shopping was a lot of fun, and now I’m set to sew the next few weekends!

Tell me, what’s the best deal you ever got on buttons?  I think I need to start collecting…


  1. I don’t think it is bad to use a wool blend for summer shorts. Wool can be very lightweight. My favorite skirt – a blue skirt with white ruffles peeking from the bottom – is a wool blend. I wear it during the winter and summer! Love all of your fabric choices. And I totally stand behind your decision to buy $4 buttons. I always splurge on the things I love rather than settle for mediocre.

    1. Maddie, thank you, I feel much better about my wool fabric and buttons now!! It’s definitely a little easier to splurge on buttons than fabric–it just feels slightly lopsided when half the garment cost was for the buttons alone! hehe ;) but you are right–it’s worth it when you adore something.

  2. I often scour eBay or Etsy for lots of vintage buttons– I’ve gotten big bags of buttons for about $8. Granted, some of them are strange colors, so it may be a while before they get used, but at least I’ve got an inexpensive stash to sift through!

  3. I know I’ve told you, but I’m so happy that you are sewing along!

    You got some treasures on your shopping day. I hope Iris gets chosen for the next Sew Colette 2 project. I don’t own a pair of shorts, but would like to make one! And I am obsessed with the Violet fabric you picked out!!!!!

    1. Thanks Erin, if it’s a print you can use, I’ll bring you some! Unfortunately, Jessi is too busy, so I’m not visiting till July. If you are free the weekend of July 14-16, we need to get our sew on!! That’s when I’m coming down again :)

    1. aww, thank you! :) The rayon is from Crossroad Fabrics in Watsonville, CA. She had a couple of bolts of it, so I bet it’s still available, I think $6-8/yard range. I’m spoiled by her amazing priced fabrics!! No website, but here is the # (831) 761-1097.

    1. Thanks Emma! I totally agree, I spent sooo much time picking out the buttons for these projects. They are a small detail, but they make a huge difference. And there are just so many options :)

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