Roped in MooMoo

I mentioned this dress a while back, but only recently did I get the chance to wear it again and take photos.  My sister affectionately known as Fanny was once again my photog and lent me her sunny backyard.

This polyester chiffon has been sitting in my stash for over a year because I was terrified of it!  I bought it when I first began sewing again, along with a complicated pattern, and then I realized I was getting a bit ahead of myself.  I’m glad that I didn’t attempt to use it last year because I fear I would have been frustrated and given up.

Every time I looked at the red flowers I fell in love with this fabric, and so I dreamt of making a maxi skirt.  Maddie’s post inspired me :)

However, my machine had recently given me so much trouble with baste stitching (jamming and breaking the thread a fraction of the way across a waist line) that I absolutely could not bring myself to attempt a gathered skirt with a waist band.  So I made a casing and let elastic make the gathers for me.  Unfortunately, this method does not make for an attractive skirt at the waist, plus I didn’t have a top to match, so I pulled it up to make a strapless dress.  It’s really a giant moomoo of a dress, so I made a very long sash to rope in the waist line and tie around my neck, holding everything in place.  It was a cinch to make, no pattern needed, and it was a delight to wear.  I love how light and breezy chiffon feels!  And it turns out, polyester chiffon is much easier to work with than slippery silk chiffon.  So now I’m feeling much braver ;)

This is me with my brave face on!  Just kidding.  I wasn’t smart enough to turn and get any other angles of this dress photographed, so here’s another picture of the front.

I’m not a big fan of strapless dresses, so I think this fabric will become a maxi skirt yet, once my machine and I reach an agreement.  (or I get a new machine :D)  I also have some matching red chiffon that might just be enough for a top, so this may not be the end of the story.  …To be continued…???


  1. This project, in my opinion, shows real talent and creativity. Many of the things I make are completely different from what I originally envisioned and that’s because once I try it on and see the tangible garment, I don’t like it. That’s when I have to “make it work” as Tim Gun would say. You did this amazingly well! The dress looks fabulous on you and the silhouette is very unique!

  2. I love that dress Qui. It looks really comfy and breezy! I’m always so amazed at your talent and quite proud of you! Sure was fun the couple hours that we hung out at Dani’s. Visit was way too short tho- hugs!

      1. yes, I got some fabric today, but I don’t have the pattern yet! I’m thinking I’ll go ahead and order hazel, lily and violet! Then I’ll be ready when those ones come up ;) Thanks for leading the way!

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