Narrowly Finished

I got a lot of practice using my narrow hem foot on Saturday. Like 30-40 feet of practice!

I made a dress to wear to a bridal shower on Sunday. It was delightful. The shower and the dress that is. Unfortunately I have yet to procure any decent photos of me with said dress on. I can only hope that some friend at the shower got a photo of me where I wasn’t dressed in toilet paper. That’s right, i was the lucky model of a toilet paper bridal gown. It was a Middle Eastern inspired/1930’s gown. You can imagine. One party goer exclaimed that I looked like I had just come from the hospital. Many pictures of the tp dresses were taken, so I am anxiously waiting to see them. I’m the only one who did not get a good look at me.

Alas, until photos can be secured, I bid you adieu!



  1. Isn’t it so much fun when you get a new tool for sewing and you end up using it just to have fun. I do hope to see the dress you made

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