Take Two

Argh!  I just typed a lengthy (by my standards) post, and instead of saving it, I was prompted to login when I clicked save.  Needless to say, my long post was not saved.  And I’m a little tired and frustrated.

So here is the new “Take Two,” which ironically, first referred to a second top (a Sorbetto rendition) made from fabric previously used for a blouse (the Pussy Bow Blouse from Pattern Runway).  But now it is appropriately, my second take on this post.  I’m afraid the second take isn’t as good as the first… I just don’t have anything left to give tonight.

But here are some photos my sister was so kind to take for me today–she has a lovely backyard.



Here’s to hoping this one saves and publishes!  Surely I’m not the only one to have blogging woes… :)

Well now I’m having photo problems, it’s definitely past my bedtime.  Or maybe it was all the wine I had with dinner–sister made dinner and we watched “My Week with Marilyn.”  It’s truly been a lovely evening.  Well, good night then.


  1. You and your new hair are so beautiful Qui! Love how vibrant these pictures are, and your cute sleeveless shirt makes me long for summer!!!

  2. I’ve been meaning, since you posted last, to tell you how much I love your hair cut! It’s so perfect on you! What a talented sister you have!
    You know what I also love? This top! The collar and the bow are incredible. How did you draft it? I love how it splits in the back with the pointed edges. So cute!

    1. Hi Lizz, thank you! It’s actually just a sorbetto tank top, and I took the neck tie from my Pattern Runway Pussy Bow Blouse (the blouse is too small to wear–it became a muslin and lesson in sizing) and attached it around the neckline. Of course the straight cut fabric would not lay flat around the curved neckline, so I split it open in the back to accommodate the curve. it was problem solving that really went in my favor–I think it’s much cuter with the little split.

      1. Qui, you are so talented! Darling top! What happened to the first Pussy Bow blouse? It was cute too, but I REALLY like this one. And your hair is cute too! Can’t wait to see you – 5 days!
        love ya

  3. That happened to me once and I was so upset that from then on, I wrote my posts in a word document before putting in the dashboard of my blog. Auto Save on Word solved the problem of everything being erased, just in case.

    P.S. – I watched my week with Marilyn too. Wasn’t it great! I love Michelle Williams :)

    1. Good idea Maddie, Word it is, from now on! My time is too precious to waste on unsaved blog posts.

      I thought Michelle Williams was fantastic, and the movie was great. I do find Marilyn’s life to be a bit depressing though… I felt sad for Marilyn after watching it, but all in all, a great movie and I’m glad I watched :)

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