I Got Cropped

I visited my sister in San Luis Obispo over the weekend, and she gave me a cropped hair cut and several tubes of lipstick.  It seems with such a boyish cut, it doesn’t hurt to turn up the feminine heat with lip color.  (unfortunately I did not get the lipstick till after these photos were taken ;)

I can’t wait to try more products and styles with this short hair.  I had become quite bored and annoyed with my long hair, which I threw into a pony tail EVERY single day, so, with a little encouragement from Amelia Earhart, I decided to cut off the pony tail.

She just seems so confident and carefree with that short hair.  I love it.

While looking for a similar cut that I could be confident in,  I found this pic of Keira Knightley with gorgeous short hair.
What a babe.  My sister was a good sport and made it happen.  She’s super duper talented.  Thank you Jolie.


The weekend before, I whipped up another knit tee in stripes, and this time I tried a v-neck.  Sis was kind enough to take a pic for me.  I rather like the v-neck, but some stabilizing is a necessity, I learned, by trial and error.  While in SLO I visited Betty’s Fabrics, and I picked up some clear elastic tape for stabilizing knit seams, so another more stable shirt will be made soon.  Most definitely it will be out of the same fabric because I got four yards of this stuff.  What can I say, I love the colors, the weight and drape.  It’s all very lovable.

I’m not sure how many shirts in the same fabric my wardrobe can handle–I might have to make a shirt for my wonderful sister.  We are identical twins, might as well have identical shirts so we can nerd out with our twinness.  What say you Jolie?  And what say the rest of you?  Do you have more than one garment from the same fabric?


  1. Your haircut is sooo cute! Jessi did a good job, she always does a good job :)

    I vote yes to having shirts with the same fabric. I am working on my final Truffle dress and I will have some extra fabric left over, so I plan on making something. I’m just not sure what!

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