Internet Off, Sewing On

Monday night my home internet service was down, leaving me without a way to watch my favorite tv shows, streamed via the internet.  Without my usual distractions, I took to sewing.  I am working on drafting a pattern for a scrub top for my friend Maxx Fisher who works in the medical field.  I was able to get a basic pattern drawn and the fabric cut out for a muslin.  Even though the internet was back on the next night, I was motivated to sew and finished the muslin.

I am a bit ashamed of how much time I waste browsing the internet and watching tv every night.  I am attempting to reclaim my time and get more sewing done on week nights.  It feels good to be productive!  I tried flat felled seams for the first time, and was quite pleased with the result.  As soon as I can meet up with Maxx to fit her top, I’ll be finishing three tops for her and posting the results here.  I have yet to learn how to add welt pockets to the front of the top though–perhaps that will be my week night project this week.

In the meantime, I’d like to share my finished butterfly painting:

If you know of any good tutorials for welt pockets, please let me know in the comments! :)


  1. Oh Qui, I love the butterfly! Sounds like you are being really productive! Maxx is lucky!

    love you

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