Kitty-Proof Sewing Room

After several destroyed spools of thread, I had to take down my thread rack–Mr. Catsby couldn’t withstand the temptation.  For my birthday I asked Mr. GF to get me a wall cabinet with glass doors where I could store my thread safely.

The cabinet has arrived.

And it’s lovely.  I’m curious though, how do you all store your spare needles for your sewing machine??  I currently have them still in their original packaging since they are so neatly labeled by size.  But they are a bit bulky and unsightly.  I’m on the lookout for some cute containers.  Any suggestions?

Also for my birthday, I received a bareback pad for riding, from my mother.  After a week of rain, we enjoyed 70 degree weather this weekend, perfect for a ride!


Twas a good weekend, enjoying my lovely birthday gifts :)  How’d you spend your weekend?


  1. I got to shop in Santa Barbara after working a wedding down there. It’s kinda fun earning your spending money right before you spend it.

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