Red and White Stripes

A year ago I didn’t know the difference between knits and woven fabric.  And I didn’t know that knit fabric required a ball point needle, which is different from a standard point needle used for woven fabric.  I did, however, know that stretchy fabrics called for something other than a straight stitch to accommodate the need to stretch.  Yay me, at least I knew something.

Thanks to sewing bloggers, I learned about knits without even trying.  I figured someday I’d give knit fabric a try.  A few weeks ago I was in my local Beverley’s  fabric store when I spied a remnant piece of super soft knit in red and white stripes.  I scooped up the lonely yard of softness and vowed to make the most comfortable t-shirt known to man.

I drafted a simple pattern by tracing a shirt from my closet and adding 3 inches to the length.

With only side and shoulder seams to sew, I was trying my shirt on within minutes of having cut the fabric.  It looked like a shapeless tent on me, so I altered the side seams, taking each side in about an inch.  And then it was time to finish the neck, sleeves and hem.

I had scoped out methods for the neck line on BurdaStyle’s tutorial page.

Sew a Rib Knit Band

I used the same fabric for the band and cut a strip 2/3 the length of the neck line.  I don’t think I stretched it evenly, or maybe I over stretched it, I don’t know, but it’s a tad ripply.  But I got it on there and with a sense of pride I decided it looked good enough.


I finished the sleeves and bottom hem with a zig zag stitch, folding the fabric over once.  Nothing fancy, but it’s a casual t-shirt and it is soooo comfortable, I just wanted to put it on already.

And here’s the finished project, my first knit t-shirt:

I’m finishing Sunday off with my t-shirt and sweats on, watching some Naruto.  It just started raining, and of course the dog needed to go out.  She was in no hurry going about her business, while I soaked up some water.

How did you spend your Sunday afternoon?


  1. It looks soooo good! I haven’t sewn with knits yet, I am kind of nervous!

    Today I went to Santa Barbara and did a little shopping. The best part was when I heard the music of Glenn Miller and followed it to a man who was playing it. I requested that he play some Artie Shaw and he did! It made my day!

    1. I was a little nervous too!! That’s why I chose such an easy project to start with–not a big loss if it went poorly. But it went smoothly, so now I’ll be looking out for more knits ;)
      I dont’t know too many Artie Shaw songs, but I love “Nightmare.” Sounds like an awesome afternoon; what did you request??

  2. Beautiful Qui! It looks really comfy!
    I spent my Sun. watching “Though None Go With Me” which is really sad and emotional. While I watched I sorted through old vaulting pictures and read cards that I’d saved, including ones that people sent me when Holly died. All together an emotional, chick flick kind of day!
    Then I went for a run and cleared my head a bit! haha
    love ya

  3. Okay, so I have never sewn with knits… why the need for a ball point needle? my knowledge is as yours was last year! Ha! Enjoyable post. I have some patterns I eventually want to make up, so would love to know any quick-points-for-dummys on knits…

    1. From what i understand, a ball point needle slips between the fabric threads whereas a regular point needle pierces the fabric. It seems a serger is ideal for sewing up knits, but I don’t own one, so a zig zag stitch is my only option for sewing knits at the moment. Thanks for reading!

  4. I love your stripy tee! You might try a t-shirt dress next, they are cute and comfy too! (I would like one :)

    I finished washing Inuyasha this last Sunday! It was awesome. I’m glad to have finished such a great series; now I can move on with my life. I am a little sad that its over though… they are like good friends I won’t being seeing anymore. I made a marathon of it, as I could only find it on Hulu and wanted to cancel before my free trial was up. It would have been more enjoyable to savor the Final Act over the better course of a month, especially considering the slow and sometimes repetitive nature of anime.

    1. a t-shirt dress sounds cute Jolie, I like the idea. Maybe you can see Inuyasha and friends again when I visit, since I haven’t finished yet ;) Although I imagine us talking through the entire episode and I have to re-watch it without you :)

  5. Jacqui, I’m very proud of you and your sewing talents! You can also make a T with raglan sleeves and self faced square neck that is very simple and cute. Come by sometime and I’ll share it with you. Keep on sewing!!
    Holly M.

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