Sometimes it’s hard to get any work done with distractions all around.

I blame Jay for being too cute.
I blame Jessi for introducing me to Inuyasha.
I blame Danielle for taking me shopping.
And I blame myself for loving these people and critters.


    1. InuYasha is a Japanese anime streaming on netflix. It has romantic overtones and is highly addictive. It can get a bit repetitive at parts as well as slow at times, but its not the longest of anime series. It’s very cute and can be quite emotional which gets you attached to the characters.

      1. Right now I’m enjoying it more than Naruto–I’ve hit a boring part in Naruto. Things are developing, it’s just not that exciting. I guess it’s all preparation for the next big arc. But InuYasha is really cute and heart warming, makes me cry and laugh. Maybe I’ll force Fan to watch it while I hem her pants tonight ;) hehe

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