A Butterfly Memory

Mr. Garment Farmer will be driving to San Diego soon, to visit his grandmother.  I received a jury summons for the week before he leaves, so I can’t be making any plans to go out of town.  Since I can’t visit her, Mr. GF suggested I paint something for him to take to her.  It wasn’t a terrible idea, but painting can be a lot of work (when you tend towards perfectionism), and he said it like it would be as simple as taking a photograph.  I’ve felt tired and short on time as of late, so I didn’t really want to add anything to my to-do list.  But I haven’t painted in months and it seemed like just the therapy I need.  So I opted for a small 8×8 canvas, and I promised myself to enjoy the process and not nit-pick every stroke.

Bernice loves butterflies–the image of butterflies are all over her apartment, in pictures and many figurines.  Her appreciation of butterflies reminds me of my grandmother who loved hot air balloons.  Both fancy brightly colored flying objects.  And my grandmother decorated with hot air balloons in the same fashion that Bernice does with butterflies–all over the home.

Of course I decided the best thing to paint for Bernice would be a butterfly because I know she will love it.

Bernice’s memory isn’t so good anymore.  My MR says she doesn’t seem to remember their previous conversations when he calls to chat with her.  The sad part is that she is lonely and thinks that nobody ever calls, but the truth is she just doesn’t remember the phone calls.  I wonder how can you show someone that you love them in a way that they will remember, when their memory is failing?  When you live many hours away and can’t visit all that often, how can you continually remind a loved one that they are loved??

I hope a painting to look at every day might serve as some sort of reminder to Bernice that she is loved and we are thinking of her often.

I finally put some paint on the canvas tonight, and even though it isn’t finished, I just wanted to share a picture (mostly to prove that I haven’t been completely idle and to keep up with at least one blog post a week).



  1. What a sweet idea Qui! And its beautiful! I think that’s a great way to remind her of your love. Hopefully she’ll remember who painted it for her, but if not, at least she’ll have the warm fuzzies that somebody cared! Hope you don’t get jury duty!
    love ya

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