Leg of Mutton Sleeve

My intention was to post about my future sewing plans tonight, cataloging my fabric and pattern choices.

However, after a long day of work and a delightfully tiring walk with my dog, I think I shall rest and catch up on Naruto instead.

I would like to share a page from my Sunburst Pattern System in the meantime:

The leg of mutton sleeve caught my attention, and I had to share.  Is that term still in use?  I hadn’t heard it before and found it curious.  My fashion/style vocabulary isn’t very broad, so I found the charts in the book interesting.  But the book was published in 1972, so I question its accuracy with regards to current styles.  Maybe it’s time to expand my reference book collection to include some current sewing books :)

Here’s my walking partner, Lucy:

She’s a lucky dog, she doesn’t suffer from exercise anxiety like I do.  She’s always ready to go and needs no encouragement.

But she also lacks any sense of properness and enjoys rolling around in the grass…


    1. Hey Oona! Thanks for stopping by :)

      I have to say I’m really enjoying the very 70’s-ness of the Sunburst book! The cover alone makes me smile.

      And Lucy is totally crazy–she’s a never ending supply of silly photos. I may have to start sewing dog costumes–she likes to play dress up ;)

  1. First of all I love your blog name, “The Garment Farmer”, so appropriate for a prolific seamstress. I am hoping to sew some since I just retired and should have more time. Your pictures from the 70’s sewing book brought back memories of the fashions listed. You might find it fun to look for old patterns at yard sales and by using todays fabrics update the looks. Fabrics and sewwing have always fascinated me as my grandfather and dad were tailors and my mom was a great seamstress. I will enjoy checking back in to see what you will be doing. I think I would like to do a blog myself, just haven’t gotten up the courage yet or have the knowledge on how to accomplish this. Good luck, plus I love the picture of your dog. ;>}

    1. Thank you Jacque! I was really hesitant to start blogging, but after 1 week, I am loving it. Happy retirement!! I have a long way to go, but I look forward to retiring and having more time for my hobbies :) The online sewing community (between blogs and communities like the Sew Weekly and BurdaStyle) is awesome–very supportive and helpful. I hope you will join us :) Thanks for visiting my blog!

  2. Hello I just found one binder of this sunburst system at a thrift store and I was wondering how can I make a copy of the ruller that supposedly came with it any ideas? Help
    Thank you

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