New Additions

I asked for an ironing board for Christmas.  A full size stand-up ironing board.  Even though she said it was a terrible gift, my mother came through and got me a board (as well as a few other more exciting (by her standards) gifts.)

Up till now I have used a table-top ironing board.  Every seamstress knows how very important ironing is to the success of a garment.  Now I can stand-up straight and iron long seams all in one go.  Thank you mom!

Although I’ve had a thread rack for several months now, it has more recently become a problem.  Or should I say the cat has become a problem for the thread rack.  Even though I’ve moved it up higher on the wall, Mr. Jay Catsby still finds a way to knock down bobbins and spools of thread.

Tonight I came home to a booby trapped house!  Jay had strung thread from the upstairs spare room, across the hall, down the stairs and into the living room.  I saw the spools first, laying on the floor, but the thread was nearly invisible till it had trapped my feet.  I cut my losses and put the thread back on the rack, but I wonder how I can keep Mr. Jay from spoiling the entire collection?  I’m considering a hutch or armoire to help organize my growing stash of fabric and patterns.  Maybe the thread will have to be put away in a cabinet or drawer too.

Mr. Jay Catsby, pretending to be sweet and innocent.

Also a recent addition to my sewing room, my manager at work gave me the Sunburst pattern drafting system and hem marker.  I will certainly use the hem marker, just as soon as I can train Mr. GF (Garment Farmer) how to use it while I model the dress/skirt.

As for the Sunburst pattern system, I intend to look it over and study it, but I’m not sure how soon I’ll get to that.  Nevertheless, I’m quite excited to be gifted with such lovely treasures!!

I’ve completely outgrown my current shelves for my sewing supplies, so I’m on the lookout for the right piece of furniture to help organize my spare room/sewing studio.  Once I find it, I’ll report back with a clean and organized sewing room to share.

Have you gotten any exciting gifts or new hobby supplies lately?


  1. I love your ironing pad cover! It’s not a fun gift to give, but to us seamstresses ironing boards and irons are essential! I’m sure you’ll make loads of lovely things in the upcomming year with it.

    I have a white metal frame on my ironing board also, and after re-vamping my sewing room I’ve been debating spray-painting it a fun, bright color just to make ironing more fun. :)

    Mr. Catsby is adorable by the way. I think I’d forgive all of his schenanigans in one look from those disk-like eyes. :)

  2. Thank you–it came with a plain blue cover that was not cute at all. I was happy to find the purple one! I love the idea of painting the legs too. Spray paint is so awesome :)

    Thanks for stopping by. You are my first comment besides my mom ;) hehe

  3. I love the new cover! Definitely an improvement! And yes, I have to agree with Zilredloh, Jay is too cute to not forgive immediately! Besides, I think that Miss Lu may be in cahouts and letting Jay take the blame- just saying!

  4. Love the blog!!! I am so happy you started one!

    We are opposites. I have had a stand up ironing board and I just got a tabletop one during a gift exchange in my quilting class. The tabletop is great for ironing little quilt pieces, but you are right, a bigger ironing board is needed for long seams!

    I think my most exciting gifts would be new scissors, fabric (a gift from myself! haha), and a form! I think that sewing gifts are the best :)

    1. How funny, maybe I should hold on to the little ironing board for a while, just in case. It tucks away in the closet so nicely anyway.

      I gifted myself with some Gingher scissors–they are amazing!! I detest cutting out fabric, but nice scissors make it a little more enjoyable. And a dress form is definitely on my list of wants too :)

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