Just Getting Started

Welcome to my blog.

I have never been one to journal or keep a diary, and I am a terrible pen pal.  The only extensive writing I have done was essays for school, and I began to detest writing essays so much that I finally quit school.

So it is with some apprehension that I begin this blog, wondering if I really even want to write it.

When it comes to writing e-mails or the occasional comment on Facebook, I am truly a prolific writer.

It is my hope that I will love writing my blog and find it to be a tool for communication and interaction.

I also love photos.  Lovely blogs always have lovely photos.  Until I can purchase a Nikon d90 (or win one from Pioneer Woman) I will be bringing you fantastic snapshots from my iphone4.  I will make up for the lack of photo quality with interesting filters.

Stay tuned readers, for amazing photos of really cute animals, my latest sewing project and words about nothing will soon follow.

black horse

spent some time with my favorite large four-legged critter this afternoon


  1. This sounds like good fun Qui! I will enjoy reading it and it will help us stay connected! I always miss you guys more after spending time with you. I realize all over again how awesome you are and how much I love you!
    Write on!

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